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Director of Morale

Waffles is a four year old boxer who has been in the emotional support business for her entire life. During the day, she can be found laying around the office and keeping her eyes on the staff. Beware, because once she catches you off topic, she will issue a warning. She isn’t much for laziness of the staff, but she can nap when she pleases.

Waffles comes to Piedmont Eastern Litigation by virtue of her owners, Brandon and Cody. She is the most loving, caring, and compassionate friend to all. She fits well into the staff at P.E.L and often brings joy to clients who are experiencing a difficult time in their lives.

During her off time, she simply switches places from office to home. She can still be found laying around, one eye open, and continuously begging for a treat. One could say Waffles is the owner of this firm and we work for her!